7 Good Reasons to Outsource Your Server Support

As your small to medium business continues to grow over time, you can run into problems creating and maintaining the server infrastructure you need. Maintaining an in-house IT staff to keep up with servers can be expensive, not to mention the overhead cost of the on-site servers themselves. For smaller businesses dealing with rising IT costs, outsourcing your servers and server support to a third party company can be a reliable, effective, and cost-effective solution.

Here are some of the top reasons that smaller businesses choose to outsource their server support to companies that provide managed IT support in Indianapolis.

1) Your server is in good hands 24/7/365

Outsourced IT support companies always have staff members available to keep an eye on your server and resolve any problems that might come up. Not only can they fix problems, but they can also provide analysis and optimization to help prevent your servers from crashing or experiencing downtime.

2) Avoiding server performance issues.

Server downtime can be absolutely disastrous for your business, and complex problems could be outside the expertise of your small in-house IT team. If you’re dealing with a lot of server crashes and downtime, outsourcing your server support is one of the best decisions you can make.

3) Ensuring that your servers can adapt to your future needs.

If your servers are on-site, you might run into some serious expenses if you need to scale them up as your business grows. If you’re concerned about whether your servers will be able to accommodate future growth, you may want to consider outsourcing. Managed IT support providers make it easy to change your server plan, acquiring more space when you need it.

4) Your IT staff doesn’t have time to manage servers.

If server upkeep and maintenance isn’t your IT staff’s primary job responsibility, server issues can get in the way of their ability to actually do their jobs.

5) Recovering quickly from complex problems.

When you outsource your server support, your servers are maintained by a team of professionals who can quickly resolve any complex issues that might arise. This takes the burden off of you and your in-house IT staff, preventing costly downtime and revenue loss.

6) Protection against new vulnerabilities and threats.

New malware, viruses, hacks, and threats come up every day. A managed IT support provider will stay up to date with the latest security issues, keeping your servers consistently protected from the latest exploits.

7) Reduce overhead.

Outsourcing your servers and server support means you won’t have to worry about the cost of the actual hardware. Furthermore, you’ll avoid the expense of server maintenance IT staff, downtime and productivity loss due to unexpected problems, and other issues that can become a serious drain on smaller companies.

Outsourced Server Support and IT Consulting in Indianapolis

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