Moving Your Data to the Cloud? A Managed IT Company Can Help

Moving Your Data to the Cloud? A Managed IT Company Can Help

We’ve all been hearing about “the cloud” in the media for quite a while now. It’s not as complicated as it might seem -- in fact, you probably rely on cloud services in your own everyday life. If you use Google Drive or Dropbox, you’re using cloud storage. In fact, even your Gmail messages are stored in the cloud.

For many small to midsize businesses, there are quite a few benefits to making the switch from on-site server infrastructure to managed cloud services offered by IT companies in Indianapolis. It’s safe, secure, and managed by teams of top IT experts. Plus, it can save you quite a bit of money that would be better invested elsewhere in your company.

Why Put Your Data in the Cloud?

To put it very simply, “the cloud” is really “a network of remote servers hosted on the internet.” This might sound a bit confusing to someone who is not tech savvy, but it can actually be a major boon for your business. Cloud services give you access to highly secure, well-managed servers in data centers. It also makes it easier to collaborate, share documents, and keep your most important files and databases safe from accidental deletion, hardware failures, and other catastrophes. A server failure could be a disaster for your business, leading to lost sales, lost productivity, extra expenses, and ultimately, lost profits. Cloud services absolve your company of the responsibility for handling these things.

IT companies hire skilled professionals to manage your data and servers 24/7, keeping your most important virtual assets in the best of hands. They also use high quality hardware – All thigns tech is what they do, enabling these service providers to invest in the best possible technology resources.

Cloud services can also reduce your business’s overhead substantially. On-site servers need maintenance, IT staff, and quite a bit of electricity. They may also need to be upgraded and repaired, which isn’t free. This adds up to considerable overhead. This expense can actually be reduced through cloud migration, with help from a managed IT service provider.

What’s The Alternative to Managed Cloud Services?

Other than having your own infrastructure on-site, the alternative to a managed cloud service is “unmanaged cloud.” These are offered by large corporate providers like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. While the infrastructure costs for unmanaged cloud services are comparatively low, the total cost is substantially increased because you’ll need your own IT staff, supervisory staff, developers, and other experts. Plus, you’re often “on your own,” without any solid one-on-one or on-site support. You have access to the cloud, but it’s up to you to use it. Tech support isn’t always guaranteed, and the services engage in overprovisioning that can lower the quality of hardware and software performance that you end up with.

Some business also opt to split services between different providers, but this complicates things. It can lead to confusing fragmentation, a lack of centralized accountability, and poor communication. You could also outsource everything to very large enterprise like IBM or HP, but because of their size, the amount of bureaucracy involved in huge corporations, and other considerations, service can be slow. A change to your network configuration could take weeks.

Compared to an unmanaged cloud service like Amazon, or outsourcing all your IT services to a massive corporate provider, managed cloud services are considerably more customized and boutique. You’ll receive one-on-one support, 24/7 help lines, and even on-site assistance and support when it’s needed. Despite the relatively modest cost, trusting your cloud service to a managed IT company can come with quite a few benefits.

Expert Cloud Services

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