5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Migrate to the Cloud

5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Migrate to the Cloud

IT Consultant - 5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Migrate to the Cloud

Cloud computing has been a buzzword for a while now, and while it might sound futuristic, you’re probably using cloud services every day. If you have a Gmail account, or you use Google Docs or Dropbox, you’re already taking advantage of cloud storage.

For small businesses, migrating your data to a cloud service can be a cost-effective decision that saves you money. Today, around 37% of small businesses have fully adapted to the cloud, and by 2020, the number is expected to rise to 80%.

Here are some of the biggest advantages of making the switch to cloud computing.

It’s Cost Effective

Cloud services are incredibly cost-effective. Virtualization increases the value of server hardware, letting you do more with less, and decreasing the cost of cloud storage and related services. A typical small business needs less rack space than ever before. While on-site servers eat up money through hardware costs, utility costs and IT staff salaries, cloud services can offer you exactly what you need, for a single, consistent monthly fee.

It’s Great for Collaboration

Cloud services allow you and your employees to access your files from anywhere, on any device. This is great for productivity, and if you have remote workers or freelance contractors, it’s essential. With cloud collaboration tools, your staff can upload, edit, and comment on shared documents, a much simpler process than sending attachments back and forth through email. Plus, managers can track and manage progress more easily on individual assignments. Not sure if Bob finished that TPS report yet? Just pull up the document from the cloud service and see.

It’s Flexible

Not only can you and your staff access files from anywhere, but you can also enjoy the flexibility and scalability that cloud services can offer. If you need more storage space, you can simply update your monthly plan with your provider -- no need to buy new hardware that drives up overhead costs. It can also help give your employees, flexibility. With cloud computing, an employee with young children can work from home occasionally, since they can access what they’re working on, from anywhere. It also opens up new outsourcing opportunities, enabling you to hire people who work remotely from across the country, or bring in freelancers for certain projects.

It Keeps Your Data Secure

Cloud computing can actually keep your data incredibly secure, as well as providing a backup in case of emergency. IT Services companies that offer cloud services have expert staff and all of the resources they need, to guarantee excellent security. They can proactively monitor for potential cyber attacks, as well as actively fixing bugs and handling other maintenance tasks. When you use cloud services, you can rest assured that even your most sensitive information is in good hands.

Routine Backups

When your data is securely hosted in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about losing crucial information and files from hardware or software failures. In the event of a disaster in your office, your data is still completely recoverable.

Cloud Services for Small Businesses in Indianapolis

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